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What I do

South Milford based photographer Capturing. Your. Memories. Forever. I specialise in location shoots and can do any location of your choosing.




Behind the Camera

I am Ruthie, a published and professional photographer based in beautiful South Milford, North Yorkshire. I started my photography career photographing children’s wear for small businesses, whereby my own children were my models, and the photography bug grew and grew.

I have worked with children for 10 years now, from the teeniest neonates to the determined teens, and as a mother of two children myself, I can fully appreciate the varying personality traits of children. This is what makes me stand out from a crowd. To work with children is a truly rewarding job, and to capture their memories and freeze moments in time, to me is just the piece de resistance.

I can appreciate the raw emotions of everyday life through all aspects of photography. I try to capture the true spirit and personalities of each person I photograph, whilst creating a relaxed, yet fun and engaging environment for my clients. I take note of the smallest of details and listen to everything my clients ask; this way I can then create beautiful, bespoke images and the fleeting beauty of those in between moments.

My camera is an extension of my minds eye. My images are the epitome of joy and human spirit. This helps me to be the best photographer I can be, providing all my clients with a complete professional service. Let me be the photographer that captures your love story, or that very first baby smile. Or freeze a moment in time which would have otherwise been forgotten.

What my customers say

- Ruthie's photos are incredible. She's so lovely, cheery and friendly too, immediately putting you at ease. Highly recommended!

Debbie Drysdale, Facebook